Student Placements and Work Based Learning Opportunities



Bath Spa University is constantly looking for opportunities for students to engage with the workplace and to gain industry experience.  There are a number of mutually beneficial ways in which a student could assist you or your organisation and we would be delighted to help you identify how a student could work with you.

Work placement or internship

A work placement or internship is a temporary period of employment, full or part time, lasting anything from a week to a year.

Ideally, the work carried out by the student will be related to their course of study, though certain employability skills which are not sector specific, such as communications and team working, can equally well be developed in unrelated areas of work.

A placement student could be a simple way of meeting your recruitment needs or assisting you with a project that you are keen to get underway.  Placements could be part time during the academic year, or full time during University holidays.

Project work

Our students are often looking for ‘live’ projects that they can work on either to develop their existing skills or to use towards their academic studies.  We welcome employers to provide a brief for our students to work on, either with you at your premises, or remotely.

This option may suit employers who require students with a particular skill to complete a project or who do not have premises suitable for a student to work from.  It is also a great way to complete any ‘wish list’ projects that you do not currently have the resources to complete. 

Enquiries about Student Placements

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